Character Toys Gold Box
Graphic: Elizabeth Zimmerman
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No doubt you have questions about some of your kids’ favorite things. Super Monsters: Why do they transform into humans during the day, while their parents remain monsters 24/7? JoJo with the bow-bow: How is it possible that she’s basically the same age Britney Spears was for “Baby One More Time”? The Incredibles: What, exactly, is the extent of Elastigirl’s shapeshifting powers? Can she change her face to look however she wants?

Maybe your children, with their superior imaginations, can come up with satisfactory answers to some of these questions through creative play. Amazon has toys featuring those characters and more on sale from just from $4 today, which is quite a bargain for the answers to the queries that keep you up all night. Who knows, maybe they’ll even be adopted as canon.