Merry Pets Cat Washroom Enclosure | $116 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon
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Let’s get this out of the way – cat boxes are gross. I understand that life isn’t like Meet the Parents and I cannot teach my cats how to use a toilet. So, they have to use a box in the corner of my room. But man, litter boxes are not pretty to look at and they smell even worse. If there is any way I can hide the cat box, while still making sure my cats are comfortable doing #1 and #2, then I will do it. Finding a cat box enclosure that is pretty is no easy task because they aren’t exactly budget-friendly.

Thankfully, this Amazon bestseller is the cheapest it has ever been! The white version of the Merry Pet Cat Washroom Litter Box Enclosure is currently $116. This is a great price for a bench to put in your entryway, living room, or dining room. Add on the fact that it doubles as an enclosure for a cat box? An absolute steal! The bench has room to store either two small litter pans or one giant litter pan. It even has room for automatic cat boxes as well! If you’re only putting one litter pan inside, there is plenty of room to stash spare litter and cleaning supplies as well.


Now, as many cat owners know, our furry friends can be extremely picky. Once a cat is used to something, they often can get very upset when they experience change. This might be best for those who have a young cat, so they won’t know the difference. Either way, the 1,200 reviewers gave this an average of 4.3 stars and many seem extremely pleased with it. Reminder, the actual litter pan where your cat goes tinkle is not included, but those can be purchased on Amazon as well for a great price.