Seasons Blanket

The Seasons Blanket is business in the sheets and also party in the sheets, with a durable, waterproof underside and a pillowy top. Snag it for under $100 with a preorder.

Ready for your next picnic, beach trip, outdoor adventure, living room floor, or even home improvement project, you can get a lot of use out of the seasons blanket. It’s durable enough to be a furniture pad when moving, can act as your tent floor when camping with or without stakes, and if you’re wondering how it washes, I spilled coffee all over it and it came out of the wash good as new. It’s even anti-microbial.


While the Seasons Blanket does have a strap to roll it up with, this is not an ultralight quilt that packs in to its own pocket- you’ll need to look elsewhere for that.