Crawl [PC] | $7 |

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Crawl is a script-flipping dungeon crawler game that’s ostensibly a co-op experience, though it might not actually feel that way. Kotaku explains:

In Crawl, up to three players possess a dungeon’s monsters, while a solo player takes the role of a human. Enemies can include skeletons, dragons, flaming demons or hazards around a room such as catapults. The human defends himself across dozens of rooms in a roguelike dungeon. Whichever enemy player gets the last hit on the hero becomes the hero instead.

That means while you’re working with your other teammates to defeat the solo human player, you’re also trying to outmaneuver them to become the solo player yourself. It’s fun! You should try it!

Get it on Steam today via for just $7, down from its usual $15.