Update: Sold out. Hope you got one!

The TiVo for cord cutters comes with lifetime service and a 1TB hard drive, and Amazon’s offering one of the best deals we’ve seen on it today.


The Roamio OTA doesn’t have a slot for a cable card; it’s designed specifically for use with an OTA antenna, meaning cord cutters can still enjoy a top-flight DVR experience for network broadcasts.

The original model is usually sold for $50 with a 500GB hard drive, but you had to pay $15 per month for the TiVo service. The new model though comes with 1TB of space, and usually retails for $350-$400 upfront, with lifetime service. Assuming you’ll use it for more than a couple years, that’s a good deal on its face, but Amazon’s knocking it down to just $305 right now, while supplies last.