Whether your phone actually tends to run out of juice on heavy-use days, or you just have mild panic attacks whenever it gets below 50%, an external USB charger can do wonders for your peace of mind.

Anker makes some of the best, and most popular chargers on the market, and their behemoth 15,000mAh Astro E5 charger is on sale for just $33 right now after promo code AASTROE5, an all-time low. To give you some perspective on that capacity, an iPhone 6's battery has only 1,810mAh, and most phablets top out around 3,000mAh. This would be great for camping trips, tailgates, or even building into a bag for charging on the go.


If that's a little too unwieldy for everyday use, the Lumsing 6,000mAh Ultra Slim charger is pocketable in most pants, includes two USB ports (a luxury on a battery this size), and is only $20. That price actually isn't uncommon for this charger, but it's a great deal compared to other, similarly sized models.

Update: This Lumsing charger has 10,400mAh for $20. It'll be a little bulkier to carry around obviously, but worth checking out.

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