BioLite makes some of the most insane and useful camping gear on the market, and you can save on their entire product lineup today with promo code BIOKINJA.

We have to start by pointing out the BioLite CampStove 2, which is an ultra-portable wood-burning stove that generates electricity while it cooks your meals. Yes, you can actually plug your phone into a 2 pound wood burning stove to charge it, or just let the heat charge a built-in battery pack that your phone can tap into any time. Shane wrote more about it here, including all of the accessories you need to get the most out of it.

For larger meals, check out the BioLite BaseCamp, which is large enough to cook an entire pizza.

The code will also work on BioLite’s NanoGrid line, which is an array of portable lighting products that can illuminate your campsite while also keeping your USB devices charged. You’ll want to start with the main NanoGrid unit, which acts as a hub for controlling all of the other lights in the lineup.

BioLite sells a ton of other little accessories to outfit your camping trip, so don’t forget to head over to their storefront and use promo code BIOKINJA to save 15% across the board.