USB-C/QC 2.0 Power Receptacle, $27 with code C4XF8R4R | QC 2.0 Power Receptacle, $24 with code SXZO5973

Our readers have bought a lot of AC power receptacles with USB charging ports over the last few years, but if you were holding out for more future-proof options with USB-C and Quick Charge technology, TopGreener’s new, more powerful receptacles are cheaper than ever today.

You get your choice of either two Quick Charge USB-A ports, or one QC port and a USB-C port for your newer devices for $24-$26, with the promo codes noted below. Unfortunately, you will sacrifice one of your AC outlets for the privilege, but chances are, you already have some USB charging bricks plugged in at all times throughout your house anyway.

Don’t need those fancy new features? Here’s one with two standard USB ports for $16 as well.