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Update: Sold out.

At just $13 (with promo code RKK2ZO7F), it’s no surprise that this 10,000mAh battery pack doesn’t include USB-C Power Delivery. But still, its USB-C in/out port is great for recharging the battery if you don’t want to pack a microUSB cable any more, and it gives you one extra option for charging your gadgets as well, even if it is limited to a modest 15W. $13 is an almost unheard of price for any 10,000mAh battery pack, USB-C or not, so go ahead and add it to your collection.

Update: If you’re looking for a larger capacity battery to juice up more devices and an additional charging port, consider the 20,000mAh unit for just $20 with the promo code 6ICMVMH5