Anki Overdrive Starter Kit | $97 | Amazon

Anki Overdrive is like slot cars for the smartphone age, and the starter set is marked down to $97 right now, which is over $50 less than usual, the best price ever. If it looks familiar, it’s because you probably played with it at an Apple Store at some point.

The Fast & Furious version has also dropped down to $110, another all-time low, and even cheaper than Black Friday. Our deal researcher Corey has played it, and has this to say.

It’s a huge hit in our house among my kids, their friends, and especially over beers with my adult friends. There’s even a single-player mode that I find myself booting up after everyone goes home and my kids are sleep. I grind for new weapons and powerups that I later use to decimate my opponents - yeah, usually kids. There are no participation trophies in my house.

A bunch of expansion cars and track packs are also on sale for the best prices ever: