Anker Nebula Prizm 480p Projector | $88 | Amazon
Anker Nebula Prizm 2 1080p Projector | $250 | Amazon | Promo code NEBULAL2
Photo: Amazon
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Anker is best known for its portable, battery-powered projectors, but if you’re planning on setting one up and leaving it in place, their Prizm projectors are more affordable.

The original Prizm, which we’ve covered before, is limited to 480p and 100 lumens, so you’ll only really be able to use it in a dark room, but at an all-time low $88, it definitely could have its uses.

Or, for $250 (with promo code NEBULAL2), you can step up to the new Prizm 2, which boasts a 1080p sensor, and twice the brightness of its predecessor. It’s still probably not bright enough to use as your main home theater, but it could be great in a bedroom or garage that’s usually pretty dark.