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Your car is a great place for a wireless charger, but if you use GPS, audio streaming, and crank your screen to full brightness while you drive, a 5W Qi charger might not quite keep up with your device’s battery drain.

Enter Anker’s PowerWave, one of the first Qi car mounts to support 7.5W wireless charging for iPhones, the maximum possible speed. It also supports 10W charging for compatible Android phones, though that’s less rare. A bundle that includes the requisite Quick Charge 3.0 car charger is down to an all-time low $45 today on Amazon with promo code WIREFREE25, though we’ve seen it cheaper in the past without the charger.

Note: 7.5W iPhone Qi chargers generally will not work at all if they aren’t plugged into a QC 3.0 charger, even at slower charging speeds.