eero + eero Beacon | $199 | Amazon
eero + Two eero Beacons | $299 | Amazon
Three-Pack eero routers | $399 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon
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If Amazon’s recent acquisition of eero didn’t scare you off the pioneer in mesh networking, the retailer is celebrating its new networking play-thing with $100 discounts across the board, today only.

Get a an eero and an eero Beacon (which plugs straight into the wall and doubles as a night light) for $199, an eero and two beacons for $299, or for the largest and most densely constructed houses, three full eero routers for $399.If you live in a one bedroom apartment, you don’t need any of these, but if you find that a single router doesn’t get you a reliable Wi-Fi signal in every part of your house, mesh systems like these are a godsend.