Kindle Oasis, $310 for Prime Members
Kindle Voyage, $170 for Prime Members
Kindle Paperwhite, $90 for Prime Members
Kindle, $50 for Prime Members

$20 discounts on Kindle e-readers pop up fairly frequently, but for a limited time, Amazon’s taking at least $30 off every model in the lineup, for Prime members only.

The most interesting deal here is the top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis for $310, or $50 off MSRP (discount shown at checkout), the first discount they’ve ever offered on the non-3G model. Update: I’m dumb, this is the 3G model, sorry! That’s still a lot of money, and it’s still overkill for most people, but if you’re a dedicated reader, it might be worth it.

The rest of the lineup is $30 off, bringing the entry-level Kindle down to $50, the Paperwhite down to $90, and the Voyage to $170. You should probably get at least the Paperwhite, since the $50 model doesn’t have a backlight. I love the fit and finish and pressure-sensitive bezels on my Voyage, but the Paperwhite is probably the right pick for most people.