Refurb Kindle Voyage, $135

The Kindle Voyage probably isn’t worth it for most readers at $200—not when you can regularly purchase a very good Kindle Paperwhite for around $100—but it’s worth your consideration at $135.

I own a Voyage, and I have to say, the pressure-sensitive page-turning “buttons” on the bezels are a pretty nice luxury compared to my wife’s Paperwhite. The glass front and smaller dimensions are definitely noticeable too. They’re all little things, but they add up to a reading experience that feels a little bit less computerized.


Today only, Amazon’s marking refurbs down to $135. That’s $65 less than buying it new, and about $20 less than the usual refurb price as well. Plus, you still get the same 1-year warranty that you’d get with a new Kindle, so there’s hardly any downside to going this route. I suspect this one will sell out early.

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